I came here to drop this I came here to stop this.

Preamble to “Run Towards Danger”

I come to you as Ruben Wetzelbeck.

But Ruben Wetzelbeck is a character, a stage name, a business entity.

I come to you as a father.

A grandfather.

Your neighbor.

Each day we change the lives of others.

A smile, a touch, a caress.

When our friends and family stumble, tumble, fumble with nary a thought we pick them up and send them on their merry.

Imagine if you were to focus each day as I do on changing hearts and minds about gun violence. Gun violence is in our schools, our streets, and in our hearts.

Music transcends beyond time, space, race, and even species.

You know your dog wants to be Elvis.

Your cat wants to be Aretha.

The rest of us all want to be big big stars but we have different reasons for that.

With a willingness to contribute and the power of my music.

I came here to drop this. I came here to stop this.

I came here to drop this. We all need to stop this.

For those in harms way.

Mothers Fathers Daughters Sons.

I offer this Anthem to those who will accept the charge:

Go, Go Now. Run towards Danger!

Go, Go Now. Press the Fight!